The How-to Section

  1. Make sure everything is corrected and it is approved for publishing by Matt (it will have a √ on the filename).
  2. File / Page Setup / Landscape. 
  3. Delete all peer editors, comment bubbles, and anything else that doesn’t belong there.
  4. Set 2 columns.
  5. Set center gutter to 1.5 inch (in Word, Format / Columns / Spacing).
  6. Set outside margins to .75 inch (in Word, Format / Document / Margins).
  7. Make title page with picture.
  8. Put in and resize pictures, centered, no indent, and you may need go into (Word) Format / Picture / Layout / and maybe Advanced / Text Wrapping.
    1. To put in a picture, open in Preview, Select All, Copy.
      1. If it has a lot of white space around it, just box in the part you want instead of Select All.
      2. If it’s a PDF, you’ll need to choose the Rectangular Selection tool first, and Select All won’t work.
      3. Then click in your story where you want the picture
      4. Make sure it’s on a line by itself, centered, no indent, then Paste.
  9. Put in column breaks before new chapters.
  10. Check chapter headings.
  11. Save as vFinal in Hand-in folder.
  12. Teachers will print and bind.